Roland Tralmer discusses solutions for safety and cleanliness in Ebling’s city center

“Full house” could register mayoral candidate Roland Tralmer last Friday in Ebingen Bistro “Ca Va” in Ebingen. The focus of the lively, and in some cases very controversial, discussion was on topics relating to the town of Albstadt as a whole, as well as those relating to the Ebingen district. Of particular interest to those present was the discussion of the project “Redevelopment of Ebling’s city center”.

This is both from a structural point of view and from the point of view of “safety and cleanliness in the city center”. Tralmer pointed out that the municipal council of the city of Albstadt had already adopted a concept for safety and cleanliness in the entire city last year, which also focused on improving the perception of safety of the population in the center of Ebingen. It should be emphasized once again that the introduction of a municipal public order service in the second half of 2023 can be expected to take an important step forward here. The most important aspect is that the newly created municipal public order service will also have police powers – in contrast to the existing public order officers.

Crucial is, so the OB-candidate, that this municipal order service will be present in two patrols also outside day shifts in the evening and night hours at safety-relevant areas of the Ebling city center – as well as in the entire city area. The most important thing – as with other municipal policy issues – is that this measure must now be implemented quickly. This corresponds to the clear expectations of the population. In addition, it is a matter of making rapid progress with the project “Reorganization of Ebling’s inner city”, which is now underway with great public participation. On the one hand, this applies to the creation of a “City-Management-GmbH”, which has to deal with the upgrading of the entire city and which should also deal with the coordination in the marketing area for further events as well as the strengthening of the commercial location Albstadt in general. The decisive factor here, he said, was that it should not just be an “outsourced administrative service”, but that private investors from trade, commerce and industry should be on board with this project to a considerable extent.

He said it was important to integrate the expertise and ideas from the private sector more closely into the city’s activities. Only then can the strengths of the city of Albstadt – which are often undervalued – be better exploited in the Zollernalbkreis and beyond. In this context, he said, it was important for all the districts to work together in order to further promote “Albstadt’s self-confidence” as a city as a whole. In the past, there were too often frictional losses here, and it must therefore also be the concern of the city administration to respond more strongly to the wishes and suggestions of the population. In the context of the overall redesign of Ebingen’s city center, the topic of the “horseshoe” must now also be further addressed.

Here, he said, it was necessary to break down “ideological divides,” particularly in the area of transport policy. It is not a matter of “car supporters” and “car opponents” going against each other. The decisive factor, he said, is to make the traffic and parking situation in Ebling’s Horseshoe fit for the future. This includes, among other things, providing sufficient parking facilities for residents on the one hand, but not “completely closing off the horseshoe to visitor traffic” on the other.

The right way here too – especially in the interest of inner-city retail – is to find a combination of the various requirements. For working people in the city center, attractive parking spaces within walking distance would have to be provided, as would a sufficient supply of visitor parking spaces near the center. The aim here will be to “bring all those involved to the table” as quickly as possible after the mayoral election in order to find a viable solution as quickly as possible, irrespective of the long-term development. He said he would do his best to achieve this.

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