Besuch von Roland Tralmer bei der DAA Albstadt

Qualification and integration on the labor market in Albstadt

As part of the mayoral campaign for the mayoral election on 05.03.2023, mayoral candidate Roland Tralmer was a guest at the Deutsche Angestellten Akademie (DAA) in Albstadt Ebingen. In the conversation with the customer center manager Kirsten Kistner and her employees Yalniz and Meyer, the focus was on the activities of the DAA in Albstadt in the area of further education measures for qualification on the labor market as well as the role that the DAA plays in particular also in the integration of further education trainees with a migration background. Especially in times of increasing shortage of skilled workers, Roland Tralmer said, it is important not to rely solely on immigration to Albstadt from outside, but to use all the resources already available in the city.

Making the economy a top priority in Albstadt

Contents: Strengthening of economic development –
new interface between administration and business –
Reduction of bureaucracy and fast Internet – sufficient commercial space -.
additional space for young companies –
Trade: Maintain basic supply with shopping facilities and gastronomy -.
Favorable trade tax rate must remain favorable

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