Press release by Roland Tralmer, candidate for the 2023 Albstadt mayoral election

The “Citizens’ Dialogue”, to which mayoral candidate Roland Tralmer had invited to the “Kronenkeller” in Tailfingen, met with a great response. As part of the series of events, Tralmer will seek dialog with citizens in all districts of Albstadt. The discussion in Tailfingen focused in particular on the topics of “internal security and cleanliness throughout the town” and “hall concept”. With regard to safety and cleanliness, Tralmer pointed out that, in particular due to pressure from the CDU municipal council group, a corresponding concept was already adopted by the city last year, which includes the introduction of a municipal public order service with police powers, which also controls problem areas of the entire city at night, as well as improved personnel and technical equipment of the operations department to improve cleanliness.

It is now a matter of taking account of the public’s expectation of swift implementation. As was to be expected, the hall concept of the city of Albstadt was also intensively discussed. Tralmer noted here that there is obviously a “communication deficit” in the city. In the past, it had not been possible to involve the citizens in the decision-making process of the municipal council on the future hall concept. However, it is important to “inform and involve all citizens”. In the discussions of the past few weeks, he said, he had clearly picked up on the fact that there was a lack of understanding among residents for the planned demolition of the Thalia Theater.

It is therefore important on the administrative side “not to go headlong into the wall”. Tralmer therefore pleads for further dialog with residents before implementing the previously approved hall concept. In particular, he said, it was important to have the figures for the investment sum for a repair of the Thalia Theater, which had also been presented by the administration, “independently verified” once again. Only then would the time be ripe to decide again on the procedure. Without the corresponding understanding of the residents, no facts could be created here.

The task of the future mayor would therefore be to completely rework this topic again. In the event of his election as Lord Mayor, Tralmer announced that he would once again seek dialogue with all those affected.

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