Roland Tralmer meets citizens at successful launch of citizens’ dialogues in Margrethausen

Press release by Roland Tralmer, candidate for the 2023 Albstadt mayoral election

The kick-off of the “Citizens’ Dialogues” by mayoral candidate Roland Tralmer in the “Juwel” in Margrethausen met with great interest. Numerous citizens took advantage of the offer to meet with the candidate to exchange views. In addition to other current local political topics, the lively and also controversial discussion focused on the “role of the city districts” and “safety and cleanliness in the city”. Roland Tralmer emphasized that for him it is absolutely clear that the “entire city of Albstadt only functions if all nine districts are treated equally by the administration”.

For him, that is a matter of course. In times of tight budgets, it will never be possible to process everything at the same time. Large-scale projects, such as the inner city of Tailfingen in the past and the current redevelopment of the inner city of Ebingen, are important for the city as a whole, but at the same time attention must always be paid to projects in the smaller districts. He said this is especially true for the creation of new affordable housing in the city. Efforts to create more areas for residential development, especially in the smaller parts of the town, should be intensified. Of course, this also applies to Margrethausen, where this problem is particularly relevant.

Further discussion focused on the topic of “safety and cleanliness”. Tralmer stressed that one is here by the local council resolution of the past year – substantially on pressure of the CDU parliamentary group – already a good step further. In the future, there will be a municipal public order service with police powers, which will patrol problem areas in the city – not only in Ebingen, but in all parts of the city – with two-man patrols at night. In addition, the staff and the material at the operating office will also be increased in order to ensure cleanliness in the entire city. He said he stands for a “zero tolerance policy” here.

It is not enough to simply adopt concepts and statutes. Now it is a matter of immediate and rapid implementation of the measures decided upon. This will be the focus of his work at City Hall, he said, should the mayoral election on March 05 be decided in his favor by the people.

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