Discussion event on local politics: Roland Tralmer presents solutions for security and administration in Albstadt

Press release

The “Citizens’ Dialogue” discussion event in the Onstmettingen district, which was hosted by mayoral candidate Roland Tralmer, met with great interest from numerous interested citizens. After the candidate had introduced himself to the present ones first personally and had made a “ramble” by the current local-political topics, two ranges of topics stood in the center: As with nearly all past meetings ascertainable, also the Onstmettinger citizenry moves the topic “security and cleanliness in the city”.

Tralmer pointed out in this connection that on initiative of the CDU local councillor parliamentary group already at the end of last year by the local council with large majority an appropriate concept was adopted, which contains for the yearly course 2023 the introduction of a new local order service, which has in the future also police authority. This will then regularly check problem areas of the city relevant to safety in two-man patrols, also at night hours. This does not only apply to the current problem area “Ebingen city center”, but to the entire city area as well as its outskirts. At the same time, he said, it had already been decided to also increase the number of positions in the operations office and to purchase more suitable cleaning equipment. From the discussions in all the districts visited so far, it had emerged that this was not just a problem for the Ebingen district either. If one really wants to meet the goal of “treating all districts equally”, then it is necessary to let all districts benefit equally from the newly established positions in the areas of security and cleanliness. Tralmer said that if elected, he would ensure that this was done. The decisive factor in this context is indeed the issue of “implementation”. A resolution of the municipal council alone is not sufficient; rather, the residents can and must expect that such resolutions are also implemented promptly. As with so many individual issues, he said, “implementation” is a problem area in the city. It was not just a matter of adopting numerous concepts. These would also have to be implemented immediately. Here it is also necessary to consider the communication aspect within the city, which is currently functioning suboptimally.

Another important topic in the following discussion was the area of “citizen-friendly administration”. According to Roland Tralmer, the focus of his efforts will be on driving forward the digitization of administrative processes in particular. Here, too, there are already resolutions that need to be implemented as soon as possible. Under the aspect of “citizen-friendliness”, he understands the use of modern technology to ensure as quickly as possible that visits to the town hall by residents can be reduced to the minimum that is absolutely necessary for legal reasons. Tralmer: “In the 21st century, it is not reasonable in an area town such as Albstadt that residents would have to visit the town hall in person for simple administrative procedures. The use of further digitized technology must make it possible for simple administrative processes to be carried out directly by electronic means. Particularly in the town hall in Ebingen, it will be necessary to create a central contact point for those residents who need a personal appointment, similar to the citizens’ office in Tailfingen. Here, too, it is important to emphasize that the administration should not see itself as an “authority”, but rather as a “service provider for all residents of our home town of Albstadt”.

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