Albstadt 2023 budget: Clear priorities and no “business as usual

I am glad that many people enjoy living in our city and I think that we should do everything to keep it that way in the future. That is why I try to focus not only on improving what already exists, but also on tackling the new challenges of the future. That means we have to be willing to make changes and challenge old ways of thinking.

This is what my 2023 budget speech was about – in preparing it and reviewing our current budget, I realized that this speech was the most challenging yet compared to my previous 8 budget speeches.

Because the current budget situation is forcing us to think in a new way, and I think that together with the citizens we can take advantage of the opportunities that lie in this crisis. The 2023 budget is a first step in this direction, but it’s not just about numbers, it’s also about having the courage to make changes in the future.

The written form of speech:

Budget speech mayoral candidate Roland Tralmer for the CDU parliamentary group in Albstadt: Difficult times call for clear priorities and no “carrying on as before

Ihr OB für Albstadt – teilen Sie diesen Beitrag für Veränderung in unserer Stadt!

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