Internal security and cleanliness in Albstadt

It is important that the issue of internal security and cleanliness in the city finally got off the ground. That is why I welcome the introduction of the master plan by Albstadt’s municipal council, which sets out measures to help achieve these goals. About it reported on 28.10. the Schwarzwälder Bote.

The plan calls for the establishment of a municipal law enforcement service operated by four employees in two shifts, the monitoring of schoolyards through video surveillance and alarm systems, and the use of street workers. In addition, the Code Enforcement Office will review where trash cans and yellow bags are stored outside of collection day, and new schoolyard bylaws will be enacted. The master plan also envisages cooperation with the future Citymanagement- und Event-GmbH and support through “city labs”.

With young people reporting that they feel the security situation is threatening, I believe it is important to put money into improving security, but also to do “proper social work” to ensure that people feel comfortable and safe in the city.

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Ihr OB für Albstadt – teilen Sie diesen Beitrag für Veränderung in unserer Stadt!

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