Committed to expanding sustainable tourism

In addition to the focus on “industry/trade/craft in Albstadt”, the municipal council, together with the city administration, has established the additional pillar of “tourism” in Albstadt in recent years. Successes are visible: In addition to our premium hiking trails on the Albtrauf and the associated bike routes, Albstadt also offers other tourist attractions in addition to its natural beauty. Just to mention as examples our various museums, as well as other scenically attractive sights. The pillar “tourism” in Albstadt must therefore be further expanded in the future with commitment. However, the aim must also be, from the point of view of environmental protection and nature conservation, not to define this as mass tourism, but as sustainable and high-quality tourism in harmony with our nature. Particular importance should be attached to this in the further development of the tourism concept. It is not flooding of parking lots and the management of large streams of visitors that are decisive, but an attractive offer for those seeking recreation and those interested in culture from near and far. Supra-regional city marketing must also be geared much more strongly to this than has been the case in the past.

An attractive cultural location in Albstadt naturally also includes an attractive hotel and gastronomy sector. This branch of industry in particular has suffered considerably from the past Corona years and is also currently suffering from staff shortages. It is the task of both the city’s tourism policy and its economic development department to do everything in their power to provide a broad and gastronomically balanced range of restaurants and hotels throughout the city and all its districts. Only then can a tourism concept for the entire city be successful. Misguided developments of the last few years – especially one-sided development in the direction of fast food and snack bars – must be corrected. Higher-quality gastronomy – with both international and, above all, local cuisine – must be re-established and further promoted. Only in this way can Albstadt survive in the future as a tourist center with gastronomic and touristic high standards.

Ihr OB für Albstadt – teilen Sie diesen Beitrag für Veränderung in unserer Stadt!

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    What efforts have been made by the municipal council and city administration to develop the pillar of tourism in Albstadt? What are some of the successes and attractions in terms of tourism in Albstadt? How does the city plan to expand and further develop tourism while ensuring environmental protection and nature conservation? What is the vision for sustainable and high-quality tourism in Albstadt? How will the tourism concept be further developed to cater to those seeking recreation and cultural experiences? How will the city marketing strategy be adjusted to promote Albstadt as a desirable destination for tourists?
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