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Lebendige Kulturszene, aber wo? Roland Tralmer: Ihr OB für Albstadt – OB-Wahl Albstadt 2023

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Albstadt is not only an industrial city: Our hometown has, for example, a considerable cultural value with the art museum in Ebingen, the mesh museum in Tailfingen and in many other ways with numerous museum facilities and exhibitions. This also applies to the numerous cultural and sports clubs. Without volunteerism, many things in our hometown would not have been possible for a long time. Especially in economically difficult times, the promotion of cultural institutions as well as of voluntary work and the structure of associations is not only desirable, but imperative.

Reform of the promotion of associations

Accordingly, a fundamental reform of association funding has been demanded for many years. In recent years, this has already been achieved in individual areas, but it must be examined to what extent the current support for associations in our city is still in line with the times. Corona has hit all clubs significantly. Some clubs are fighting for their existence, also in view of the loss of members and the infrastructure provided by the city, such as halls. Accordingly, it is crucial that the city administration at all levels also introduces an “enabling culture” here that accommodates the volunteers in the city as much as possible. This also includes implementing a fair and needs-based provision of municipal facilities.

Rethinking the direction of urban sports funding

In this context, the city’s attention must not be focused solely on certain types of sports or certain cultural clubs. The end of the cooperation with the “UCI” in relation to the major cycling events held in the past is accordingly regrettable, but on the other hand this must also be used as an opportunity to rethink the direction of municipal sports funding. The cycling events of the past years were usually great successes for Albstadt. Nevertheless, this should not prevent us from now taking a new look at where we stand: Which sports are important to us, which mass sports need to be further promoted in our city, including in the voluntary sector? This requires a dialogue between the administration and all sports clubs. This is all the more the case when important construction measures relating to the refurbishment, demolition and new construction of halls are also absolutely necessary. Here, too, resources must be managed appropriately in times of scarce funds.

Promotion of voluntary work

Moreover, one of the most important aspects of volunteerism in the city is the fire department. Without our volunteer fire departments in all parts of the town, it would not be possible to ensure adequate fire protection. Here too, however, the word “promotion of volunteering” must not remain an empty phrase.

Investments in input materials and building infrastructure

To ensure that volunteer service in our local fire department remains attractive, it is imperative to continue to provide the appropriate equipment as well. This is not only in terms of input materials, but also and above all with regard to the building infrastructure. For this reason, there is no way around the fact that, as already planned, a new construction measure will be implemented piece by piece, for example in Lautlingen, and in particular a replacement for the completely dilapidated fire station in the Laufen district will be planned as quickly as possible.

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A very important locational advantage of our hometown is, of course, its lively and well-functioning art, culture and museum landscape. We have a large number of art-making associations. We have excellent museums. We have culture in every way. What we are not likely to have readily available in the next few years is a suitable larger event hall. A very, very hot topic in local politics. Here, too, we need to rethink: In my view, the previous resolution of the municipal council from 2022 no longer corresponds to our financial possibilities. And it has also become clear in recent months that many in our population do not readily agree to demolish Festhalle Ebingen or Thalia Theater in Tailfingen. This also calls for dealing with citizens on an equal footing, so let us enter into a new discussion here to clarify what form of festival and cultural hall will be needed in Albstadt in the future. New construction? Old building? And let’s also consider whether it doesn’t make sense, as in other cities, to involve private investors in such construction measures. This is a path that we should at least not rule out, but rather seriously consider.

Ihr OB für Albstadt – teilen Sie diesen Beitrag für Veränderung in unserer Stadt!

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